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Local Bus Service
Posted by : Level :locality (Lucknow G.P.O, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh ) Type :common Issue Category :Transport

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Sir, Following is the bus service which is already running. As shown in the route below, it is clearly mention that Gopalkunj area is also written. Gopal kunj alos written on the Bus also. But this bus never comes to this location. I am living in Sector 8C Gopalkunj Vrindavan colony. This bus should also touch the Gopalkunj. But it never comes to Gopalkunj. Kindly look into the matter and send this details to UP state bus department so that we the people of gopal kunj who are facing hardship in getting transport from Gopalkunj to even upto telibagh.
tks. (Route-Charbagh, Alambagh Chauraha, Awadh Hospital, Suhani Kheda, Vrindavan Yojna, Girdhar kunj turn, Gopal kunj, Gopesh Kunj Chauraha ) (Time 06.00 hrs. to 22.00 hrs.)
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